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Groningen Bike Polo

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  • Bike polo
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Bike Polo is a variation of traditional Bicycle Polo in which teams of players ride bicycles and use mallets to strike a small ball into a goal. It may also be referred to as "Hardcourt", "Urban Bike Polo" or simply "Bike Polo".

The sport is growing all over the world, with more and more cities creating their clubs. There are several championships such as the national, European and the World championship. Besides friendly and open championships for beginners.

The basic rules:

  • "3v3" which is a team consisting of 3 players and games are usually around 10-15 minutes in length
  • If your foot touches the ground, you must leave the game and hit the "tap out area" to play again.
  • Contact is allowed, mallet against mallet, bike against bicycle and body against body but only on the ball carrier.
  • Hit the ball with the ends of the mallet head to score a goal.

What you must remember:

  • Balance
  • Fun
  • User-Friendly

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