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Sami A Johnson

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  • Squash
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  • mannen en vrouwen samen,

I am writing this message as a professional sqaush coach based in Haren intrested in promoting sqaush coaching in Haren and around Groningen for children and adults intrested in learning this beautiful and dynamic gam. I am a former national squash player from India now based with my wife in Haren. I am passionate about sqaush coahing and promoting junior squash in the north of Netherlands. This is only possible if people can be inntroduced to this game in a safe and fun way as recreational players first who would like regularly train and keep themselves fit, squash as a racket sport has a lot of advantages and helps in developing a healthy mind and body. My classes focus a lot on technique and stability, mobility, stretching, balance etc. which are essential principals while playing racket sports.

Hope you would like to try this beautiful game!

Sami A Johnson