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Sportclubs in Groningen
When you are interested in sports, Sport050 is the right platform for you. There are many sports clubs and student sport associations, ranging from soccer and salsa dancing to underwater hockey and lacrosse. Here you can find a list of all the sports that can be done in Groningen. If you select a sport on that website page, an overview of the relevant sports clubs is shown. On that overview you can check which of the clubs fits you best. It is possible to select on age and special offers, like students, pregnant women and disabled people.

Sports for kids
If your child has chosen a sport, it is very common in the Netherlands for children to join a sports club. There are many sports clubs in Groningen that offer classes for children. Here you find an overview of sports clubs for children per age category.

Swimming lessons
In the Netherlands it is compulsary for children tot obtain a swimming diploma. Children can start swimming lessons from 4 years of age, but most children start with the lessons between 5 and 6 years of age. There are many locations for swimming lessons. Here you can find overview of swimming pools and swimming schools and clubs in Groningen.

Outdoor sports
There are numerous outdoor public sports facilities in Groningen, where you can enjoy your own workout. For an overview of outdoor fitness facilities, have a look here.

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