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Acro Agility - Winston Reynolds


Acro Agility - Winston Reynolds

Acro Agility - Winston Reynolds

Acrodance & Agility Training // With Winston Reynolds

When: 02/12/18
Time: 14:00 -18:00
Van Schendelstraat 1, 9721, GV, Groningen, Netherlands.

Cost: 1 Day - €40


Winston Reynolds //

-There is a certain sensitivity in acrobatics behind all the larger movements.

It's a tool where the smallest adjustment (Micro) can make a big impact on the physical outcome.

I will look into my own personal vocabulary and system of individual acrobatic practice,

and the methodology of using acrodance as a vehicle to expand possible movement choices and directions.

  • We will be learning about the preparation & maintenance of the acrobat. And start zooming into specific aspects of acrobatics and locomotion.
  • Another aspect we will use is the partner, and how a partnering situation can help to boost or access our learning process.

Using the other as a reference point or means of physical assistance we can try to touch upon unfamiliar planes & levels of movement choices.

Bio //
Winston graduated from Circomedia (FDA course, 2010-2012). And then went on to complete his Bachelor at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Netherlands, 2012-2016). Within this education he specialised in acrobatic dance and contact partnering alongside his partner Axel Guérin.He was guided and influenced by the teachings of Alexander Vantour .